Tuesday, September 2nd Commute

It’s earlier in the morning for my commute than usual. I walk up Park Avenue toward Grand Central Terminal. A man in a chambray shirt and a beige cap covering frazzled grey hair begins shouting from a bicycle. He is shouting from a custom-built bicycle, constructed from a hodgepodge of parts. He shouts “Protect yourself from being protected! Protect your information!” I think he might be alluding to the subject of the news this morning, about famous women who’s private pictures have been stolen and leaked onto the net. Oscar winners’ private boudoir moments distributed and replicated, conjuring a false nostalgia for an imagined tabloid past. Noir-tinted stolen photographs of Hepburne and Tracy. A classic scandal that rocks a classic, faux Hollywood that does not even exist in memory; only in images. He seems well informed for a man who shouts things from the street.

"You think the corrupt paramilitary won’t make a profit from your information?!" he shouts.

Maybe he’s just crazy. What he definitely is is loud and he is violating an unspoken law of New York. You do not yell out on the street, especially in the morning during people’s commutes. Only crazies do that, no matter how relevant the subject matter.

I continue down into the train station, to the platform. A performer belts “That’s What Friends Are For.” It echoes off the walls and adds a touch of menace to a Tuesday morning. The S train arrives on track number 1. A man with a handlebar mustache with meticulously waxed curls exits the train in the crowd. I step into a car covered in advertisements, but I’ve already forgotten what was being advertised. I begin to draft this blog post in the Tumblr iOS app.

Our dystopian future is here, now, if we want it.

What I’m looking at on Wikipedia, right now.

In taste tests, tasters have noted that the Mexican Coke has “a more complex flavor with an ineffable spicy and herbal note”, and that it contained something “that darkly hinted at root beer or old-fashioned sarsaparilla candies”.

Mexican Coke is bottled in a thick 355 mL or 500 mL glass bottle, which some have described in contrast to the American Coke plastic bottles as being “more elegant, with a pleasingly nostalgic shape”.

Tumblr decided that my blog’s custom theme was “suspicious”, and stripped it. It’s hard to know what encouraged that decision, and what parser process behind the scenes allows “suspicious” themes.

It seems detached from the Heartbleed fracas, but who knows what’s going on. Tumblr is notoriously tight-lipped about the status of its platform. Once again I find myself questioning my continued use of Tumblr to host my blog.

Here’s a link my blog’s now-revoked custom theme: https://gist.github.com/mwunsch/c9325aaa9ea1f841e7e3

Not sure what’s out of the ordinary there, but feel free to use it as you see fit.

It’s time for a change, and that change will either be migrating away from Tumblr or just building out a new theme…

…or something larger in scope. Like revisiting Thimble

Update: Tumblr has a Last Account Activity area in your account settings and yeah, it looks like someone managed to get in:

I'm not in the Ukraine

My guess is that Heartbleed leaked my session cookie and someone modified my theme with bad mojo.